The African Youth Commission is established by a group of inspiring young Africans following on the outcome of African Union Agenda 2063 Consultation with the African Youth held at Tunis, Tunisia at Hotel El Mouradi, Yassmine Hammamet, from the 1st to 4th November 2013, under the theme “THE FUTURE WE WANT FOR AFRICA BY 2063”, to unify and voluntarily mobilize all residents, descendants, and well-wishers of Africa for the ultimate purpose of its development.

The Commission seeks to create a platform for young people and youth structures in Africa and Diaspora to interact with policy makers and become a valued and vital resource to address the challenging issues that they faced in AU structures and regulations as well as put in place monitoring and coordinating mechanism that follows-up on policy recommendations to directly intervene in the making of African Unity through the activities of the African Union.

The Commission as a platform stands among others to promote youth driven unified, vibrant and peaceful Africa through advocacy for the provision of a youth friendly space for inclusive and effective involvement, participation and representation of African youth at the political and operational levels of AU and mobilization of resources (human, technical, technology and finance) to support the work of Pan African Youth Union, Youth Division of the African Union Commission and other youth structures in their quest to effective service delivery and advocacy activities on African Youth Charter, other AU legal instruments and youth projects at regional and continental levels.